Sausalito Artists Gallery

Kay Carlson - California Landscape Colorist -

Art Workshops and Classes by KAY CARLSON

I have been teaching Painting Classes for Tamalpais Community Education in Mill Valley since 1992. Expressive Watercolor is lively and popular with hands- on demonstrations.

I also offer Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain which presents a doorway to new perception by following the book that we all have on the shelf.  These classes are held for four semesters each year, six weeks at a time. I have a clear communication style and offer solid support for beginning and intermediate students.

From the Carlson Art Gallery in Sausalito  I accept private students, or small groups, and I teach  oil and watercolor painting on location.  Experience the splendor of plein air painting as we work with seeing luminous color on the landscape. The challenge is to mix this on a pallate, and then create a composition. You will learn how to capture the feeling of light and atmosphere in expressing your own vision. Tailor learning to your own pace. We will find fantastic locations to visit!

I also offer continuing private lessons to my watercolor students, many who have studied with me over the years at Tamalpais Ed.

Call Carlson Studios 415-331-9520 for dates and times.