Sausalito Artists Studio Art Gallery

Sausalito Artist - Arlene Whiting

I am an abstract artist, yet my subject matter is clearly represented. That seeming contradiction is my defining style. I establish color and value patterns first of all, and the subject matter is woven into that design. 

I am interested in things that move; dancers, animals, athletes. The challenge is to suggest movement. I use the natural gesture of the subject and expand the composition using corresponding shapes, light and dark values and appropriate color. I love to draw but resist the temptation to draw subject matter until I have the abstract elements in place.

I attended Otis Art Institute in Los Angeles and received my BFA from the California College of Arts in Oakland. I was a student and, later, teaching assistant of Jean Henry of San Francisco. I have participated in master classes conduced by Don Hatfield, Mark Daily, and Carolyn Anderson.

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