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Bill Kirsch Sausalito Abstract Art - Architect and Architectural Services

Bill Kirsch is a Sausalito Abstract Artist, Architect and one of the founders of the modern Sausalito Art Festival. He designed, coordinated and organized the festival in 1965 and 1966 with artists Al Garvey and Michael Bry.

Bill’s work is “visually exciting and provocative, he does marvelous things with colors and his paintings exhibit thought, control and personal attention to detail. Subtly delineated nudes float through rich, and at times vaporous, colors while a recurring theme of figures diffused into space lend a sensuousness and mystery to his work”.
He was drawing and painting with pastels and water colors at young age and became passionate about painting with oils at the University of Cincinnati.  While he was in the Marines stationed in Japan, Okinawa and the Philippines his drawings came alive.  He travelled extensively and drew the people he saw, the ambiance of his surroundings and people he met in the bars and geisha houses. 
In addition to painting and raising a family Bill has been working full time as an architect since 1958.  He designed over 400 structures that include art galleries, custom and market homes, ranches, restaurants, floating homes, bed & breakfasts and commercial buildings.  Many of his projects have won awards and been published in more than 30 books, magazines and newspapers as well as featured in two films.

A view of Bill at a recent local Art Show Exhibition 

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