Sausalito Artists Gallery

Wendy Goldberg - Pastel Landscapes

I use the landscape as a point of departure. From it I distill what is mysterious, ephemeral and often dreamlike---nuances of fog, rain and quickly changing weather, or the play of dark form/mass against brilliant light. Most, therefore, are portraits of a particular place or time of day where or when shadows are deep and the light is intense or uncommon.

The experience of working on-site in these constantly changing conditions becomes an integral part of the piece. More recently, I’ve been working on a series of night scenes, both rural and urban. Objects and images which by daylight seem incidental and commonplace, become simplified and extraordinary at night under limited or
artificial light. These result in compositions that speak as much about form and abstract shape as they do about atmosphere and essence.

Structural, man-made elements have become increasingly important in my work---old garages, mills; long-used, intimate or messy work spaces. These often provide a sharp contrast to the sometimes overwhelming beauty of the landscape.

A view of Wendy in her Studio and Art Gallery

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