Sausalito Artists Gallery

Steve Emery - Abstract "Lyrical" & Landscape Artist

I work in acrylic paint on paper along two distinct paths, landscape work & a lyrical body of work. I work on each side by side, and each contribute to the other in many ways. 
In my landscape work, the uniqueness of wilderness enters through the many trail miles I cover, taking in the change of season, light, sounds & smells of places I have grown to love. Whether in the High Sierra, or Marin, I focus on the intimate, and take photos to work on back in my studio.

These "intimate portraits of landscape" are begun with very transparent composition and work toward the brighter, darker in many transparent layers. In the early stages, much can still change, and when forms seem rightly placed in space, they progress to completion. The light whites & brighter colors in these pieces use the white of the paper as the source of light.

In the body of work I refer to as lyrical, I do not know where they will go, just how they will begin. They start with a line that begs letting loose, a sweeping, elegant line, a curve, a wave. From there, I enjoy the many journeys, trying color, depth, imagery, listening to different music along the way. They are paintings where time becomes an element, as dance to music, as lyric to tune, pieces of the painting itself remain as history

A view of Steve in his Studio and Art Gallery

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